Editor’s judgment on Scatter Slots Social Casino.

Scatter Slots is really worth a look, as it offers more than one hundred high-quality slot games. There are several reasons to enjoy our social casino, including the welcome bonus. This could be the largest welcome bonus we’ve ever seen, at 12,000,000 coins. Even the most seasoned gamers will be satisfied with the fantasy-themed visuals and fluid gameplay.


We believe that slot enthusiasts will like playing at our social casino. Find out why in our 2023 review of Scatter Slots.



A generous gift for all newcomers.

Apple iPhone, Google Android, and Amazon

Excellent graphics and visual theme

Utilizes a novel strategy for leveling up

Diverse competitions and activities to maintain interest


Restricted slot machine access for new players

Could adopt a more social stance

Software and Game Selection 4.3/5

Any review of Scatter Slots must discuss the casino’s fantastic fantasy concept. Note that some of the designs on this Murka product can be a bit risqué, despite the fact that it looks fantastic. Scatter Slots may not be appropriate for the workplace, but it will win you over. There is a wide variety of slot machines accessible, including Hooting Owl, The Passion, and Lady Femida.


It can seem more like Dungeons and Dragons than a slot machine due to the amazing maps, chests, and quests. It’s a commendable change from the norm, but some players may find it frustrating because you’re tied to a single game until you reach higher levels.


Over 100 slot machines were added to the casino’s collection in 2023. A few games may be unavailable to casual users since they can only be unlocked by playing frequently or using gems.


Bonuses and incentives


All new gamers receive 12 million coins – you read it correctly. In addition, they will receive a set of jewels that may be used to unlock additional games. Thanks to Scatter Slots, you will get off to a great start. We will mention, however, that the gem bundle is quite limited, since it does not provide enough gems to purchase further games.


Coins are moderately priced, and numerous discounts, such as extra XP and free gems, are available to persuade you to purchase them. There are always raffles and daily freebies that may be used to replenish your currency supply if necessary. We cannot imagine the ordinary player spending actual money to increase their bankroll.


Community \s4/5

If you arrive at Scatter Slots anticipating a group adventure, you may be disappointed. Even while it is possible to fight against other players at higher levels, the casino does not have the social atmosphere one might anticipate from a fantasy-themed establishment.


Their Facebook page, where they offer freebies, trivia questions, and similar content, has over 600,000 followers. Even though they have profiles on Twitter and YouTube, it is evident that Facebook is their major social media platform. There is a sense of camaraderie at the casino, along with some friendly competition during tournaments. We would recommend Scatter Slots as an excellent casino with potential for development on the social side.


Security and account creation


Facebook facilitates account creation, eliminating the need to remember additional passwords. Fortunately, this does not imply that someone may instantly begin writing on your wall without your consent.


There is no possibility to establish an account using an email address and password, which may frustrate some users. Any transactions you decide to make are handled through Facebook or in-app purchases. This implies that you will be secured by every security precaution utilized by companies such as Apple.




We have many positive things to say about Scatter Slots’ mobile application. Mobile games with a compelling concept and enjoyable gameplay have received very high user ratings. It is playable on Android, iOS, and other devices, thus iPhone and iPad owners are catered to.


Additionally, you may link your Facebook account for cross-platform gaming on a laptop or desktop. This is crucial in Scatter Slots, since the more you play, the higher your level. Be advised that the mobile version of the application has less available slots than the laptop and desktop versions. Despite this, we still loved using the Scatter Slots application.


Conclusion \s4.3/5

Scatter Slots’ combination of a unique fantasy concept and smooth gameplay makes it an immediate winner. The social casino is undeniably a pleasant spot to play that will keep gamers amused for hours. There is potential for improvement, given that gems are difficult to obtain and leveling up takes time, despite the fact that the welcome bonus is rather generous. Visit Scatter Slots’ social casino now to find out what all the hype is about.






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